Portable Bluetooth Speaker


  • Enjoy music or calls in the shower with Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Comes with a mic for hands-free calls
  • On-unit controls
  • Works with Siri (iOS voice assistant)
  • Compatible with Bluetooth-enables devices

Public showers, pool decks, and other splash-prone areas or events with your favorite music thanks to our Waterproof, Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Mic and Controls! Only use the suction cup mount to stick the speaker to a wall or other flat surface and you’re able to hear your favorite songs.

Waterproof Design-The speaker is IPX4 waterproof, meaning you can comfortably install it in a tub, in a swimming pool or on a yacht without thinking about splashes.

Hands-Free Calls-answer calls and holds conversations with the built-in microphone of the host, which is nice to prove to the talented agents that you really do the best to sing in the bathroom. The microphone is consistent with an iOS voice assistant from Siri.

On-Unit Controls-Control the music without getting out of the shower. The machine has the buttons to skip tracks, stop and restart, or go back and forth.


  1. Compatible with Bluetooth compliant video players, tablets, etc.
  2. Working with Siri
  3. Controls on-unit: hop, forward, return, stop, play
  4. Answer calls to the built-in microphone
  5. The suction cup is fixed to walls, smooth surfaces
  6. Use in toilets, sinks, swimming pools, or in boats.
  7. IPX4 waterproof * Size: 7″x5″x2″
  8. The speakers are available in Pink, Blue, Black, and White.

Black, Blue, Green, Rose Red, White, Yellow


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