While It Is Only 180ft2, This House Looks Amazing On The Inside!


Macy Miller, who’s an Idaho native, made the decision to swap her house for this tiny home. This decision was quite beneficial for her because the mortgage costs were lowered by a large margin, and she was able to increase her savings. She built this gorgeous house all by herself, and the entire neighborhood looks at the house with envy.

Macy had the bizarre idea of building a small house all by herself back in 2011. She didn’t hesitate much, and she decided to build it herself. She wanted to build a cozy home for her family and herself. She managed to finish her project and move in recently. As soon as she moved in, this miniature house turned into an internet sensation.

If you don’t want to pay a ton of money for your mortgage and save up as well, then this is the perfect house for you. If you’re curious to know how the house looks from the inside, check the next page!


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